Not everyone’s wish is to go college, gain knowledge by travelling to a specific location everyday attend classes and lectures regularly, maintaining a particular percentage of attendance, showcase their knowledge on a subject through internal and external examination and so on.

People nowadays prefer online courses which provide certificates, independent of timings and acquiring knowledge by a tutor through their videos (virtually).


Some of the colleges like IIS University provide a very valuable range of certificate courses and makes it one of the top colleges in the field of institutions offering certificate courses which makes it a university to be in the list of colleges which students would be potentially looking for another university they can check out for is Manipal University which is an elite university and has achieved a reputed name in the field of education.

Advantages and positive effects of online certificate courses:

The positive effects of certificate courses can be broadly classified into five categories:

  • Ease of Accessibility
  • Economic
  • Compatible
  • Equal gain in knowledge
  • Other benefits

Ease of Accessibility

  • No relocation.
  • The convenient related in study location, time, course duration etc.
  • The person and learn the topic whenever he wants and from wherever he is.
  • Since these online courses are provided through internet the learners should have suitable gadgets and good internet supply.
  • You can attend the classes in your flexible timings. Only the duration, of course, will be mentioned not mandatorily attend classes every day, one can watch the videos uploaded by the tutor in their own timings.
  • The user-interface developed will be easy to access by all kinds of people.


  • Online courses are very less expensive than joining the institutions attending classes every day or trade school courses.
  • There are lot of ways for payment like through credit/debit cards, net banking or demand draft to their specified name are also available.
  • The payments are maintained high-security level where any technical problem occurs during payment they ensure that they’ll repay immediately to the user without any trouble.
  • The people who are working wants to learn any new courses without affecting their job schedule and also in an economic way, the online courses are best solution for them.


  • No communication between persons needed.
  • The persons are allowed to watch the video any number of times even download and store it so that they can refer whenever they want.
  • The doubts and questions can be discussed in the comments section, where learners can ask their questions and clarify their doubts; it’s the tutor responsibility to reply to every question raised by the learner.
  • No age limits. Yes, any aged people those who are interested and willing to learn the course can enroll them and gain knowledge.
  • You can work on the course just anywhere you have computer access. Online course provides an opportunity to learn new technologies and practising the use of office software.

Equal gain in knowledge

  • Online course provides the learners to learn about the topic in a meticulous manner.
  • They encourage learners through their videos and messages.
  • They conduct a test at the end of the course, based on their performance learners are ranked and issued internationally accepted certificate.
  • Provided certificate definitely show that learners are really trained and have knowledge in that area and provide guarantee about the certificate.

Other benefits

  • The courses accessibility is not only for specific region, they provide around the world.
  • There is no politics and discrimination of students based on their religion, sex, caste, age, physical appearance, nationality, race and so on.
  • Online courses are best for the people who don’t want to travel and needs more time in understanding the topic.
  • The tutors use modern tools and techniques to explain the topic and put effort to help learner to understand and gain benefits through their videos.
  • The payment mode is also convenient for learners where they can pay their fee at the end of the course by the modes they mentioned.


Online courses are really a good option for students who want to expand their knowledge in various streams where all the courses cannot provide by their regular graduation and not feasible though.

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