Hornbill Summary

The Browning Version Summary Class 11th English

By Terence Rattigan The Browning Version' presents a conversation between a lower fifth-grade student, Taplow and Mr Frank, a teacher from the school where... Read more »

The Ailing Planet Summary Class 11th English

[audio m4a="https://www.studycbsenotes.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/The-Ailing-Planet-Summary-Class-11th-English-audio.m4a"][/audio] By Nani Palkhivala The lesson, 'The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement's Role' focuses on the deteriorating health of the Earth because of... Read more »

Discovering Tut: the Saga Continues Summary Class 11th English

By A. R. Williams Discovering Tut: the Saga Continues' gives an insight into the mystery surrounding the life and death of Tutankhamun, the last... Read more »

We’re Not afraid to Die Summary Class 11th English

We’re Not afraid to Die—If We Can All Be Together Summary by Gordon Cook and Alan East The story, 'We're Not afraid to Die-if... Read more »
father to son class 11th

Father to Son Summary Class 11th English

- By Elizabeth Jennings 'Father to Son' describes the troubled relationship between a father and his son. The poem talks about generation-gap between the... Read more »
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