Hornbill Summary

Childhood Summary Class 11th English

[audio m4a="https://www.studycbsenotes.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Childhood-Summary-Class-11th-English-Audio.m4a"][/audio]   By Markus Natten In the poem 'Childhood', Markus Natten depicts the reality of childhood innocence gradually transforming into adult rationality, hypocrisy... Read more »

The Voice of the Rain Summary Class 11th English

By Walt Whitman The Voice of the Rain' celebrates rain and the accompanying water cycle that supports life and benefits the Earth. The poet... Read more »

A Photograph Summary Class 11th English

By Shirley Toulson The poem, 'A photograph', contrasts the eternal state of nature and the transitory state of human beings. The poet describes a... Read more »

The Portrait of a Lady Summary Class 11th English

-By Khushwant Singh The Portrait of a Lady' is written in first person and is in the biographical mode. In this story, the writer... Read more »
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