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Class 11th

Childhood Summary Class 11th English

By Markus Natten In the poem ‘Childhood’, Markus Natten depicts the reality of childhood innocence gradually transforming into adult rationality, hypocrisy and individuality. The poem begins with the poet wondering when did his childhood go – was it the day he ceased to be eleven; was it the day when he could distinguish between fantasy and reality by realizing that heaven and hell don’t exist since they are not found in geography books; was it the day when he could understand the hypocrisy of adults by realizing that people were not all that they pretended to be; or was it the day when he became conscious of his own growing individuality by realising that he had a mind of his own and that he was capable of producing thoughts and opinions that were different from ot...

The Voice of the Rain Summary Class 11th English

By Walt Whitman The Voice of the Rain’ celebrates rain and the accompanying water cycle that supports life and benefits the Earth. The poet recounts a ‘conversation’ he had with the falling raindrops. He asks the rain, ‘And who art thou?’ and strangely, the rain answers, calling itself ‘the Poem of Earth’. The rain says that it is born in the form of intangible¬†vapours that rise eternally from the earth’s land and deep water bodies. It then reaches upwards towards heaven in the form of clouds, impalpable, vaguely formed and altogether changed. Yet, at its core, it remains the same as it was at birth. It, then, returns to its origin, the Earth, as raindrops to wash away the dust and rejuvenate the drought-ridden and dry land. The poet compares...

A Photograph Summary Class 11th English

By Shirley Toulson The poem, ‘A photograph’, contrasts the eternal state of nature and the transitory state of human beings. The poet describes a photograph that captures interesting moments of her mother’s childhood when she went for a sea holiday with her two girl cousins. The poet draws a contrast between nature, changing at a snail’s pace and the fast-changing human life. The poet recollects how her mother laughed at the photograph and felt disappointed at the loss of her childhood joys. The sea holiday was her mother’s past at that time, while her mother’s laughter is the poet’s past now. With great difficulty and at different periods of time, both reconcile with their respective losses and the pain involved in recollecting the past. For the p...

The Portrait of a Lady Summary Class 11th English

-By Khushwant Singh The Portrait of a Lady’ is written in first person and is in the biographical mode. In this story, the writer gives a detailed account of his Grandmother with whom he had a long association. Khushwant Singh recalls his Grandmother as short, fat and slightly bent. Her silver hair was scattered untidily on her wrinkled face. She hobbled around the house in white clothes with one hand resting on her waist and the other telling the beads of her rosary. Khushwant Singh remembers her as not very pretty but always beautiful. He compares her serene face to that of a winter landscape, During their long stay in the village, Grandmother woke him up in the morning, plastered his wooden slate, prepared his breakfast, and escorted him to school. While he studied alphabets, she ...

English Class 11th Exam/Sample Paper 2016 latest

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Computer Science E-Book ( New Edition) | Class 11th

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