The Invisible Man Study Material Class 12th English CBSE

[su_box title="Table of Content"] About the author Introduction Setting Characters Summary Theme: Corruption of Morals in the Absence of Social Restriction Questions based on... Read more »

Memories of Childhood Summary Class 12th English

Introduction The chapter contains two extracts from two different autobiographical episodes from the lives of two women - Zitkala Sa and Bama. Both are... Read more »

Evans Tries an O-Level Summary Class 12th English

Characters James Roderick Evans: a prisoner Secretary of the Examination Board: a higher official of the examination board Governor: the governor of H.M. Prison,... Read more »

On the Face of it Summary Class 12th English

Characters Derry: a boy of 14 with a burnt face, looks ugly, loner, pessimistic, suffered from severe negative complexes, anger and frustration, withdrawn and... Read more »

Should Wizard Hit Mommy? Summary Class 12th English

Introduction Little children love to hear stories from their parents at bedtime. Such stories are mostly fables and have no logic behind them. Many... Read more »
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