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Mathematics Class-10 Syllabus CBSE for 2016-17 [Download Now!]

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Two Gentlemen Of Verona (Summary)| Class 10th

Download Complete Study Material of Two Gentlemen Of Verona–>  Summary A.J. Cronin has very well carved the idea of ‘selfless help ‘ and explained the importance of dedication towards relationships in the story Two Gentlemen of Verona. The story revolves around the two boys named Nicola and Jacopo who do numerous things to earn money only to pay for their sister ‘s treatment who suffers from tuberculosis of the spine. The story begins with the narrator driving down the foothills of the Alps. Here is when he first encounters the two brothers selling wild strawberries. Even after the driver forbade the narrator to buy the wild fruits, he bought the biggest basket and drove towards the town. This scene emphasises on the first step of growing intimacy between the nar...

Two Gentlemen of Verona (Ncert Solution)| Class 10th

Two Gentlemen of Verona  Watch this 1954 B& W Hindi Movie abouta brother and his sister. The movies shows theirrelentless efforts and great fortitude tolead a life of self-respect.image credits:wikipedia (Q & A) Q1: What are the qualities of a gentleman? Answer: Self-Respect Determined Dignified Compassionate Well-mannered Caring Hard working Q2:  Based on your reading of the story answer thefollowing questions by ticking the correctoptions. (i) The driver did not approve of the narrator buying fruit from the two boys because: (a) the boys were untidy and poorly dressed(b) the strawberries were not fresh(c) they were asking for a heavy price(d) the driver did not approve of small boys who worked Answer:  (a) the boys were untidy and poorly dressed (ii) The narrator w...

Life Process Notes | Class 10th

Biology Note  To download  this PDF Click—> Download Now

Heredity & Evolution Notes | Class 10th

Hi There. Here it is the notes of Heredity and evolutionTo Download this PDF File —> Download Here

Reproduction Notes | 10th

Hey There here its the notes of Reproduction To Download this PDF—> Click Here

Our Environment Notes | Class 10th

Here is the notes of Our EnvironmentTo Download this PDF (Right click on the link and select “Save As)–> Download Here


This notes is of 1st chapter of chemistry in class 10. Please Rate and share this notes, If you liked them. 😀 To Download this PDF (Right click on the link and select “Save As)–> Download Here

ACID BASES AND SALT Notes | Class 10

Here is the Notes of Acid Bases And Salt..I think i will help you. To Download this PDF (Right click on the link and select “Save As)–> Download Here

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