the last lesson class 12th

The Last Lesson Summary Class 12th | Flamingo

Brief Introduction ’The last lesson’ written by Alphonse Daudet narrates about the year 1870 when the Prussian forces under Bismarck attacked and captured France.... Read more »

Real Numbers Ex-1.4 Ch-1 [Solutions] NCERT Maths Class 10th

Exercise 1.4 Q1. Without actually performing the long division, state whether the following rational numbers will have a terminating decimal expansion or a non-terminating... Read more »

Real Numbers Ex-1.3 Ch-1 [Solutions] NCERT Maths Class 10th

Exercise 1.3 Q1. Prove that √5 is irrational. Answer: Let take √5 as rational number If a and b are two co prime number and... Read more »

Real Numbers Ex-1.2 Ch-1 [Solutions] NCERT Maths Class 10th

Exercise 1.2 Q1. Express each number as product of its prime factors: (i) 140 (ii) 156 (iii) 3825 (iv) 5005 (v) 7429 Answer (i) 140... Read more »

Real Numbers Ex-1.1 Ch-1 [Solutions] NCERT Maths Class 10th

                                Exercise 1.1 Q1. Use Euclid's division algorithm to find... Read more »
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