Memories of Childhood Summary Class 12th English

Introduction The chapter contains two extracts from two different autobiographical episodes from the lives of two women – Zitkala Sa and Bama. Both are victims of social discriminations. Zitkala Sa is the victim of racial discrimination whereas Bama is the victim of caste discriminations. In both the extracts, the writers look back on their childhood […]

Evans Tries an O-Level Summary Class 12th English

Characters James Roderick Evans: a prisoner Secretary of the Examination Board: a higher official of the examination board Governor: the governor of H.M. Prison, Oxford. Mr. Jackson: a prison officer Mr. Stephens: a prison officer Reverend Stuart McLeery: an invigilator Mr. Carter: a detective superintendent Mr. Bell: a detective chief inspector Theme This story depicts […]

On the Face of it Summary Class 12th English

Characters Derry: a boy of 14 with a burnt face, looks ugly, loner, pessimistic, suffered from severe negative complexes, anger and frustration, withdrawn and introverted, low confidence, indulged in self pity, suspicious of the intent of others Mr. Lamb: an Old man with a tin leg, lonely, craved for company and acceptance, jovial, optimistic, lover […]

Should Wizard Hit Mommy? Summary Class 12th English

Introduction Little children love to hear stories from their parents at bedtime. Such stories are mostly fables and have no logic behind them. Many a time, parents make up stories out of their own head. Little children take them as literally true. But as the child grows up, he becomes inquisitive. He begins to ask […]

The Enemy Summary Class 12th English

Introduction The story highlights how a Japanese doctor saves the life of an American prisoner of war and rises above narrow national prejudices. He risks his honour, career, position and life by sheltering a war prisoner of the enemy camp and saving his life. The author has beautifully portrayed the conflict in the doctor’s mind […]

The Tiger King Summary Class 12th English

Introduction The story ‘The Tiger King’ is a satire on the pride and stubbornness of those in power. The writer takes us to the days of autocratic and eccentric kings. These kings lived under the thumb rule of British, hence they fear them. Most of the time the rulers were not interested in serving the […]