Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers Summary Class 12th English

Introduction Adrienne Rich was brought up in a well off family. Rich felt dominated by her father’s strong personality while growing up. It was... Read more »

A Thing of Beauty Summary Class 12th English

Background The poem is based on a Greek legend in which Endymion a handsome young shepherd and poet who lived on Mount Latmos, had... Read more »

Keeping Quiet Summary Class 12th English

Introduction The poet talks about the necessity of quiet introspection as it can develop a feeling of mutual understanding among human beings. Theme It... Read more »

An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum Summary Class 12th English

Theme In this poem, Stephen Spender deals with the theme of social injustice and class inequalities. He presents the theme by talking of two... Read more »

My Mother at Sixty Six Summary Class 12th English

Central Idea Aging is an important phase of human life. A person enters his childhood, experiences youth when he is full of energy and... Read more »
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