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CBSE English Class 12th Board Paper 2020 (3 Sets)

CBSE Conducted Class 12th English Board Exam across India on 27th Feb 2020. Students reported that the exam was quite easy but was a... Read more »

Most Important Chemical Reactions Class 12th Chemistry

Chemical Reaction part is one of the scoring section in chemistry. Students can easily score 90+ if they prepare for the chemical reaction well... Read more »

CBSE Sociology Class 12th Syllabus 2019-20

Unit Topic Marks A. Indian Society 32 1 Introducing Indian Society (Non-evaluative) - 2 Demographic Structure & Indian Society 6 3 Social Institutions-Continuity and... Read more »

CBSE Psychology Class 12th Syllabus 2019-20

Unit Topic Marks I Variations in Psychological Attributes 9 II Self and Personality 10 III Meeting Life Challenges 7 IV Psychological Disorders 10 V... Read more »

CBSE Political Science Class 12th Syllabus 2019-20

Unit  Topic  Marks  1 Cold War Era 14 2 The End of bipolarity 3 US Hegemony in World Politics 16 4 Alternative centres of... Read more »
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