The Browning Version Summary Class 11th English

By Terence Rattigan

The Browning Version’ presents a conversation between a lower fifth-grade student, Taplow and Mr Frank, a teacher from the school where Taplow studies. From their conversation, we come to know that Taplow is there to do extra work extra duty as punishment for his teacher, Mr Crocker-Harris. Although we do not see CrockerHarris in the play, we get to know a lot about him through Taplow’s conversation with Mr Frank According to Taplow, Mr Crocker-Harris is a different kind of a teacher.

He is too strict and ‘hardly human’. Unlike other teachers, he does not tell his students their results before the last day of the term. Tap low had asked Mr CrockerHarris about his remove and in response, the teacher told him that he has given Taplow exactly what he deserves – “No less; and certainly no more”.

Frank admits envying Mr Crocker-Harris for the effect he has on his students. He asks Tap low if Mr Crocker-Harris beat his students. However, Taplow tells Frank that unlike one or two other teachers, Mr Crocker-Harris is not a ‘sadist’. He is not the sort of a person who would beat students and vent out his frustration on students. He is hard like a nut all shrivelled up. He is heartless. He possesses no feelings at all. Tap low admits that in spite of all this, he likes Mr Crocker-Harris.

At this point, Millie, the wife of Mr. Crocker-Harris arrives there and sends Taplow to a chemist’s shop with a prescription.

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